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Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Story by Steve Summers

Our city hosts an annual music festival every year here in the Estrella Mountain area,

And it just so happened I was emceeing the event when I came upon a couple who were volunteering for the event and hanging around the side stage area. We introduced ourselves and began to talk a little bit and learned that Scott B. Clark was a drummer and told me that if I knew of any bands that might be looking for a drummer, to let him know.

At the time, I didn't know of any bands, and even the thought of being involved in a band in addition to my work as a voice over artist, host, part-time actor, producer and local soloist for 55+ communities was no where near reality.

Fast forward several months later when I responded to a guy by the name of Gene who was looking for a keyboardist, I texted him back and told him that "hey if you ever need another vocalist to fill-in, let me know. I'd love to come sing with you guys sometime"

Next thing you know, I'm needing a drummer! Who popped in my head but the guy I met with his wife at Goodyear Musicfest. What was his name again? Oh Scott! And where is his number? Oh crap...I can't find his number!!? I searched three days and FINALLY found his number and reached out to him. So then I paired Scott and my neighbor Mike, who happens to be a guitar player and they both hit it off!

You can read about how Mike our guitarist came into the loop on another blog.

True cadence for our band comes from experienced musicians like Drum Man Scott B. Clark who's played the music for years. In rehearsal, we like to keep it simple by pulling out the electronics for rehearsal, but have the option to play live trap in our bigger settings.

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