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     Making their debut in 2023, Latitude 33 musicians are from around the country, with most of the band members living in the Goodyear, Arizona area.  From California, Michigan, Chicago and Oklahoma, all of the its musicians have played music for decades. 

Originally titled "Summers and The Street Legal band", the bands female vocalist at the time, Mary Monica pointed out that the name "Street Legal" had already been taken.  So, over the next two weeks the band scrambled to find its new name. 

After going through name after name, the bands facilitator and self-proclaimed "pimp" of the band Gene Myers mentioned "Latitude 33" on a text to the band and the rest was history. 

Latitude 33 is in the approximate area we're located in. 

So, the planets aligned and the name came at the right time. 


Latitude 33 Band

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