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Band Facilitator / Vocalist

Originally from Oklahoma and having worked in Los Angeles and Portland as well as being heard in all 50 states on radio commercials and programming, Steve's span in the entertainment business extends over 40 years. From working in Radio and Television as a Voice Over Artist, DJ, Writer, Actor, Editor and Producer, Steve's love for music comes alive in the energy infused sound of Latitude 33. 


Female Vocalist

Retired Military Vet and Vocalist/ Entertainer extraordinaire.

Stay tuned for more information on Haley (Coming Soon!)  

Johnny "Fingers" Arredondo

Our Vocalist / Keyboard

 Johnny has been playing multi genres of music since he was a kid. Growing up in the Imperial Valley he learned his way around, earning a couple of Black Belts in the Martial Arts in Tae Kwon Do and Lima Lama. Muscially, Johnny's incredible skill as a keyboard artist has taken him from playing and recording with some of the top bands in San Diego and Los Angeles, to earning and induction into the Los Angeles Blues Society Hall of Fame.  Today, we're lucky to have one of the finest keyboard artists in the southwest and one of the nicest guys you could meet. 


Our Lead Guitarist

Mike Stevens aka MJ, first picked up a guitar at 10 years old and was immediately hooked. By 15 he was playing punk clubs in Milwaukee and by 19 he was lead guitar in a cover band which morphed into an all original band releasing an album at the age of 20. Realizing Milwaukee might not be the place to “hit it big,” Mike moved to Southern California and jumped knee-deep into the hair band era, starting a new band and headlining famous Hollywood venues such as The Whiskey, Roxy and Gazzarri’s. After finding success on the Sunset Strip, eventually the hair band era came to an end and with some major adjustments, a new band was founded a year later. That band was signed, toured and continued writing songs for many years. As popular music styles changed, the touring-band days ended but Mike’s passion never wavered during his 45+ years playing guitar. Mike continues to write and record daily with 3 solo albums and multiple singles released ranging from Metal to Ambient/Trance. All can be found on Spotify, iTunes and Amazon. Latitude 33 is Mike’s latest and most exciting new project that has only begun to make history!



Our Bassist

As a professional Rock and Blues player,  Gary's experiences as a live and recording artist has allowed him to play with numerous cover bands and several original bands. Originally from Los Angeles, Gary moved to Reno in the late 70’s. His early influences were the British invasion bands of the late 60’s and 70’s.  In the 90’s through the early 2000’s , Gary played with 19 Stones; Ground Zero; All for Nothing; Cheap Date; and Full Circle. In the mid 90’s he played for the all original band Relentless, who opened for Slaughter. In 1996, Gary became interested in West Coast Blues a precursor to Swing music. He joined the Fire Tones, combining his love of jump blues and rock-a-billy, and embarking on expanding his expertise into Upright Bass. Retiring in 2015, Gary moved to Arizona and continued his love of music as a founding member of The Band with No Name (now called No Namers) and additionally, with two of its spin off bands, Country Reign and Jazmin (now called Martini Magic).

Scott B. Clark

Our Drummer

Scott is the youngest of three brothers, who grew up in Cedar Falls, Iowa. His oldest brother, Doug, bought a 5-piece Gretsch Catalina Maple drum set when Scott was in 3rd grade. Scott would break into Doug's bedroom from time to time to play the drum set to the music Doug had on hand, ranging from AC/DC to Van Halen, Black Sabbath, The Police and Pink Floyd. In junior high, Scott joined his first band, which held one very successful after school show and disbanded shortly thereafter. In high school, he joined jazz band and learned to utilize different timing and playing styles. Years later, well after the original Gretsch set was sold, Scott joined the classic rock/country rock cover band, Skewed View, in Minneapolis, MN. They had a successful 7-year run and regularly played venues in MN, ND, SD and WI. Scott was able to purchase his own Gretsch Catalina Maple kit to use with Skewed View, upgrading to a 6-piece, and picked up a set of Roland V-Drums for venue flexibility. In 2019, Scott moved to the Phoenix area, and eventually caught the cover band bug again after meeting with Steve Summers during an Estrella Mountain Ranch music festival. It didn't take long before more connections were made, and ultimately, Latitude 33 was formed. Looking to be the Valley's premier cover band, Latitude 33 focused on a wide variety of music, looking to ensure a great experience in dance and music listening enjoyment by crowds in the Phoenix and surrounding area.


Gene Myers

Our Band Facilitator / Technical Director

Gene Myers is a seasoned manager of assets with experience on the international level, including musical performers. Although he began in corporate America, his love for writing and the arts, led him to create the No Namers Band, Martini Magic (formerly JaZmin), and become involved with national entertainer, Blair Clark. Today, Gene continues to write having published four books, two screenplays, and over 200 magazine articles. However, his first love and priority is representing the family of EMR Music.

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